Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Darkest Minds

By: Alexandra Bracken


           In The Darkest Minds, a disease sweeps america, killing the majority of the children. The ones that survive develop powers that no one can explain. The government put them in "rehabilitation" camps to keep them from harming anyone. 
           Ruby was thrown into camp Thurmond when she is ten. Six years later, she escapes with the help of a anti-government group, but she doesn't trust them. Ruby goes on the run with other kids who have escaped camps. Ruby and the others have to survive this new world where kids are no longer cherished, but feared.

           This book is absolutely amazing. Alexandra weaves together a story that is so heartbreaking and beautiful, and yet isn't lacking in humor. She explores a very real possibility of what could happen when we are afraid and what lengths people will go to to stop being afraid. I finished this book for the first time in two days and had to read it again right afterwards, it was that good. I've read it several times since and have loved it just as much as the first time that I read it.
           I absolutely adored Ruby, Liam, Chubs and Zu. There was something so real and relatable about them. I loved how each one of them has their own definable characteristics. Chubs made me crack up. He's so serious that its hilarious, but its also kind of sad that he had to grow up so quickly. I loved how Alexandra wrote the flashbacks. It was such a different way to get to know the characters. I really feel that it was the best way to learn about their past. 
           I loved Liam. He was such a great character. He was always looking out for their group and I love how he is with Ruby. He has a way of getting past Ruby's defenses and helping her heal. Oh and did I mention how cute they are together?? They are such a good team.
          The ending though!!!! That absolutely killed me. I understand why she erased his memories, but she should have let him have a choice. He is perfectly capable of handling himself in hard situations. He proved it during the entire first book. They could have helped each other at the Children's League. I feel like on his own, the Children's League could have changed him. Before he was with his brother, but Cole was a lone wolf and left Liam to fend for himself. But Liam wouldn't have been on his own. Ruby and Liam could have gotten each other through it.
          I absolutely HATE Clancy. He seemed sketchy from the start, but I really was hoping that he could help Ruby. But when he started secluding her and tricked her, it didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was how involved in the government he was and how he turned in the ENTIRE camp full of kids. He is so twisted  it surprised me. Not many books have a villain that dark, but it was actually good for the story. It really threw a twist on how I thought the story would go. 
         This series is absolutely amazing and I'll do a review on the other two books in the series. You should definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

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